The project 9483KM/843MS is an ongoing research about the global dimensions of the Internet based on the local example of the connectivity between the sister cities of Bremen in Germany and Durban in South Africa by Lorenz Potthast.

Therefore I conducted a three week artistic research travel through South Africa following the visible and invisible traces of the Internet and its role and appropriation within the local history, culture and society. To investigate and better understand the technological aspects of the connectivity I programmed a specialized email server to trace the route of digital communication between Durban and Bremen. During the travel I visited certain stations of which you can find impressions, photos, texts and videos linked to the corresponding geolocations. I also spontaneously joined an exhibition project and applied my previous research in the installation “mamidata_”.

First interest for the topic was sparked during my work at the BAT Multimedia Centre in Durban, South Africa in 2014-15.  The inital project idea was developed for my master project in the Digital Media Master program at the University of Arts Bremen in 2016. In addition I presented various manifestations of the project at the International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA) which took place in Durban 2018.